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Aluminum Anodizing
Aluminum Anodizing is an electrolytic passivation process used to increase the thickness of the natural oxide layer on the surface of aluminum parts. (Read more)

- Aluminum
Hard Coat Anodizing
Hardcoat anodizing produces a much thicker coating of aluminum oxide, penetrating holes and fissures in the surface to create a more uniform appearance than regular anodized aluminum. (Read more)

- Aluminum
Photo Anodized Labels
Photo anodized nameplates and labels are produced using a photo imaging process that seals the image within the hard anodic layer of the aluminum which resists chemicals, paint, abrasion and dirt. (Read more)

- Aluminum
Electropolishing is a process that removes material from the surface of the part. The removal of outer layer material from the metallic work piece creates a shiny, smooth finish. ​

- Stainless Steel / Aluminum
Passivate is a process that removes “free iron” contamination left behind on the surface of the stainless steel as a result of machining and fabricating processes. 

- Stainless Steel / Aluminum
spray painting booth primer paint
Spray Painting
Application of primer or colored liquid paints for small or large aluminum parts.

- Aluminum / Steel / Plastic
silkscreen label printing
Silkscreen Label Printing
Silk Screen Printing is quite a versatile printing method because of it's affordability and its suitable application on most any substrate surface, including metal surfaces.​

- Aluminum / Stainless Steel / Plastic
brush hairline finish
Brushed Metal Finish
Unlike plating, brushed metal finishing is an effective method for removing surface imperfections. These finishing technique create a uniform, parallel grain surface texture to smooth out a product’s exterior. 

- Aluminum / Stainless Steel 
bead blasting sandblast finsih
Bead Blasting
This finish is typically employed in projects requiring a uniform matte texture. The process forces abrasives into a substrate at high speed. This results in a smooth, clean product texture, particularly in soft metals.

- Aluminum  / Other Soft Metal Alloys

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